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There is so much around us in our world that we may not see unless it is stopped and captured in a photograph. I love the way the early morning, or late afternoon, light accentuates the colors of a building, a flower or landscape. I also enjoy changing the angle of a common viewpoint, or focusing on one detail of a larger image. It’s these things that we may not always notice in our day-to-day lives.

I don’t always think of a building, or the photographic capture of it, as “art." Thus I find it difficult to think of myself as an artist. However, I do tend to see real life as pictures. I see moments and wonder how to best way to capture it? What angle? What specific part?

There are moments I have captured that bring me pleasure. Either because of a uniqueness, the fact that I may have seen something no one else did, or just because of the light and composition of the photo. I may not always see it as art, but rather as something that’s pretty cool.

Many times I leave my house because, as I say, a picture might be happening. Sometimes you just have to go find it.

Tom Burns